Go Dance – Go Roquetes – Go celebrate their 1st Anniversary

I keep hearing the lament of Expats and Tourists that there is “nothing to do” for young people in the Lower Ebro Valley. I intend to enlighten them. “Young people” here I regard as 18 and over. In other words “aspiring adults” – those who can stay up late, party all night and still rise early enough to scooter off down to work or tractor up those fruit groves.

“Go Dance Club” in Roquetes to all tense and purpose to other Europeans is not a dance school. It is a nightclub . It is situated just off the Hotel Corona´s roundabout, pass Caprabo Supermarket on your right , a vacant piece of land and boom there it is “plonked” slap bang in front of the Cinema complex and behind the Buddha Lounge.

Travelling alone or on your own as “Billy no mates” you will soon have many friends at GO as you mingle and dance away the late hours of the night.Over the next few nights there are different musical enticements for you to absorb and revel in.

Keep watching. ‘The Voice of the Ebro’ will be posting other nights’ activities at Go here later on.

Don’t speak the lingo? Don´t worry. Music has no barriers or difficult verbs.

Dave and his staff will welcome you…boogie on down around midnight or 00:30. Let the fun begin!

Postscript: What is your favourite nightclub, Disco or Music bar in Southern Catalonia or Northern Valencia? Send me a comment.

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