Cheap flights to Reus airport from Scotland now available

cheapflights1.jpgI was surprised to discover how many airports in Scotland do actually offer cheap flights into Reus Airport. Reus airport is in Catalonia and between Reus and Tarragona towns.

Do not be misled where some airlines depict destination as “Reus Airport (Barcelona)”. It is no where near Barcelona and if that is your destination and you have booked to Reus you will need to catch a taxi at nothing under the whopping sum of 160 euros in one direction. An expensive error to make at the beginning of a much looked forward to mini break or holiday.

However, the site :> 

enlightens us by offering choices of departures to Reus, Catalonia, Spain. Namely: Glasgow (GLA), Edinburgh (EDI), Aberdeen ( ABZ)  .

Dundee (DND), Inverness (INV) and Prestwick (PIK) are all available from June 3rd, 2008  to December 10th, 2008 (So you could be home for Christmas.)

The flights may not run everyday but you usually have a few flights per week.

Maybe August holidays are out of your reach, so why not look ahead to the second part of the year when Catalonia is still a lovely place to visit for hundreds of different reasons, activities. Where else can you have mountains and rivers and valleys, and be only 20 minutes from sandy golden beaches and natural parks at the Delta and Els Ports Ranges? Where an area is steeped in history and good wine is grown, play or laze.

We can still offer choices of B&B´s, Self-catering, Wells CatFishing or golf opprtunities.

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