Expoebre:Fira de Tortosa – a “platform of opportunities”


The president  Ricard Forés has announced that the 65th Lands of the Ebro fair (as it is better known across Tarragona)  has a two pronged focus.

The first is to provide the maximum attractiveness to make the journey for the multi-cultural communities to this fair worthwhile and pleasant in these difficult economic times. Secondly, the committee aims to display, more than ever, a “platform of opportunities” where it is absolutely vital that companies can  “go out to the streets” exhibit their to the diverse products and search for new customers.

This wonderful and enlightening, multi-faceted fair opened its doors along the River Ebro in the precinct of the Remolins’ Pavilion, Tortosa on Thursday 30th April. It will stretch right through the weekend to the 3rd May.

Apart from strolling around the stands an important part of the proceedings are the cultural talks, reports, lectures and specific exhibitions dedicated to the region of Montsia and the economic and environmental issues, both problems and solutions, facing the Lands of the Ebro.

We must commend the Tortosa Council for  being pro-active and forward thinking in retaining the maximum amount of exhibitors in this age of dire global economic distress. They have taken on board, the cost of insurance and electric usage of the exhibitors. This is magnificent!. This has allowed 300 exhibitors to be able to attend, with only an overall drop of 10% on previous years.

Tortosa Council we salute you!

But above all this is a fun day out. A time to mingle with all the cultures. Meet old friends and make new friends, while viewing all the displays across a wide spectrum of products and services.

I wish you all a very good “buenas fin de setmana” – a very good weekend, at Expoebre.

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