May 1st. Día de trabajo. Labour Day

Don’t try to go shopping anywhere in Spain today.  Everywhere is shut. Banks included. This is  a national day for the Fiesta del Trabajo. Often referred to as “día de trabajadors” – the day of or for  the workers.

The Spanish are also notorious for taking the day in front or behind and tagging it onto the fiesta as a “dia del puente” – a bridging day. Depending on your part of Spain, some may say to you “haciendo puente” implying you are  ‘doing a bridge’. The one in front is to prepare for the fiesta. The one behind is to recover from the fiesta. Some may take both. I like the latter option!

Buenas fiesta.

Aside-: The petrol station on the Corona Roundabout of the C12 in Tortosa has a 24 garage and the shop is open until 11pm. Most emergency grocery supplies can be purchased there, including fresh “pans” (bread)

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