Are Ryanair building a latrine for themselves?

Everywhere I turn over the last week whenever Ryanair is mentioned, up pops the topic, “Ryanair to charge to use the loo! What do I think? ”

The aviation marketing guru of beggars the question on; “Is this good PR or bad marketing?”

Well, it certainly has shaken the network of Ryanair’s frequent flyers into talking rather more explosively. Others seem more resigned to the fact, with little or no surprise, that Ryanair will find every which way possible to charge for every function they offer. The latest one being branded about of flyers’ bodily functions: ‘Pay to use the Loo’ is met with disbelief.

“Well, I just won’t use it” they retort.

If that is the case, lets hope Ryanair sells ‘in-flight diapers’.

How will they police it? In air cloakroom attendants to empty slots and to ensure the door is not held open for the next user and the next? Or will parents on a budget see how many of ‘Ma Plotters’ clan can fit into the loo at one squeeze. We could see some new statistics appearing in the Guinness Book of records 2009 or 2010.

I have yet to read a confirmed or denied statement from Ryanair executives as to whether this was a casual innocent remark made at a stab of humour (or is it humus?) or a major blunder. Whatever, it is they are building a whole pile of compost against their brand name.

With so many voicing their complaints to each other amongst the Catalonian Expat community in Spain, I fanned the question: “So why do you fly with Ryanair?”

They answered as I expected them to do.

“Who else can we fly with from the UK and ‘Brum into Reus at that price?”

I pushed back, “What would it take to make use another airline, if they flew the same route?”

“Price! Price! Price! – for a 2 hour flight I would happily fly a DC3.”

I wonder if “they” would then charge for disposable parachutes.

Well, for now Ryanair have the brand confidence in the UK market share cornered in routes in and out of Reus, Tarragona, Spain. Lets hope in this global crisis they haven’t dug their own ‘latrine in the sky’, because the expression “Shit will fly” takes on a whole new connotation.

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